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Running Rhino on Windows Terminal Server

There is nothing that prevents Rhino from running on Windows Terminal Services But you'll find that performance is terrible.

Terminal services works great for applications that are primarly text-based, or update small parts of the screen infrequently. However, Rhino is not such an application.

Rhino is a very CPU and graphics-intensive application. Most Rhino users want to run their screen resolution at 1280×1024 or higher, in true color.

For good 3D feedback and display, users expect 15 frame-per-second full screen view regeneration. This is equivalent to watching full-screen movies on a terminal server. The network bandwidth requirements for such an application are huge, and the end user will very likely experience terrible graphics performance.

In addition, there are several operations in Rhino that are very CPU intensive (for example, Boolean operations and creating render meshes for shaded display). These CPU intensive operations can spike CPU utilization to 100% for several seconds. In a serious modeling session, it is not unlikely that this will happen regularly. You will likely see terminal server performance degradation for other users because of this.

We recommend that Rhino run on stand-alone computers with decent video accelerator cards.

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