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 +====== Information about some of the new commands and features introduced in V4 ======
 +**[[rhino:​cageedittools|Cage tools]]**
 +How to use V4's Cage and CageEdit commands
 +**[[labs:​archcut|ArchCut Plug-in]]**
 +Information on development and use of this new sectioning tool
 +**[[rhino:​rhinoicons|New Icons for V4]]**
 +Illustrated presentation of the new antialiased V4 icon set and tools used for creating them
 +**[[rhino:​workspaces|Customized Toolbars and Workspaces]]**
 +A place for sharing your custom V4 workspace files and toolbars
 +**[[rhino:​displaymodes|V4 DisplayModes]]**
 +Information on customizing your Rhino display and a place for people to share ther own custom modes with others
 +**[[rhino:​displayfaq|V4'​s OpenGL display - technical info and explanations]]**
 +\\ Pearls of wisdom and knowledge about Rhino'​s display pipeline from Jeff LaSor, Rhino'​s display master\\ (collected from newsgroup posts and other sources)
 +**[[rhino:​vista|Does Rhino run on Vista?]]**
 +In general it runs, but there are many Vista issues you need to be aware of.  //Please add your comments.//
 +**[[rhino:​licensevalidation|V4 Product Activation Info]]**
 +For Asian markets V4 will require product activation - replacing the previous hardware lock (dongle)
 +Info on why this is necessary and what info is transmitted
 +**[[developer:​rhinoscript101|RhinoScript for V4]]**
 +Info and documentation on using [[developer:​rhinoscript|RhinoScript]] in V4
 +**[[rhino:​layouts|Using Sheet Layouts in V4]]**
 +The Page (Sheet) Layout is used to arrange, annotate and plot the model
 +**[[rhino:​stereomode|Stereo Advanced Display Mode]]**
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