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Information about some of the new commands and features introduced in V4

Cage tools How to use V4's Cage and CageEdit commands

ArchCut Plug-in Information on development and use of this new sectioning tool

New Icons for V4 Illustrated presentation of the new antialiased V4 icon set and tools used for creating them

Customized Toolbars and Workspaces A place for sharing your custom V4 workspace files and toolbars

V4 DisplayModes Information on customizing your Rhino display and a place for people to share ther own custom modes with others

V4's OpenGL display - technical info and explanations
Pearls of wisdom and knowledge about Rhino's display pipeline from Jeff LaSor, Rhino's display master
(collected from newsgroup posts and other sources)

Does Rhino run on Vista? In general it runs, but there are many Vista issues you need to be aware of. Please add your comments.

V4 Product Activation Info For Asian markets V4 will require product activation - replacing the previous hardware lock (dongle)

Info on why this is necessary and what info is transmitted

RhinoScript for V4 Info and documentation on using RhinoScript in V4

Using Sheet Layouts in V4 The Page (Sheet) Layout is used to arrange, annotate and plot the model

Stereo Advanced Display Mode

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