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 +======Why Two Shortcuts?​======
 +**You have finished installing Rhino V5 on your 64-bit Windows computer and you have two Shortcuts.**
 +The V5 installer installs both 32 and 64-bit versions of Rhino automatically. Each one has abilities and limitations the other does not.
 +**32-bit Rhino V5:**\\
 +  * **Advantage** - Rhino V5 32-bit can run plug-ins designed for V5 AND Rhino V4.
 +  * **Disadvantage** - 32-bit applications are limited to using a total of 4GB of memory, shared between Windows and the application.
 +**64-bit Rhino V5:**\\
 +  * **Advantage** - Rhino V5 64-bit is not limited to 4GB of memory. It can use all of the memory installed in your computer.
 +  * **Disadvantage** - 64-bit V5 cannot run plug-ins designed for Rhino V4. It must have plug-ins designed specifically for it.
 +**Do I need both?**\\
 +  * Maybe, maybe not.
 +  * If you're not sure leave both installed
 +  * If disk space is critical, perhaps on an SSD hard drive, you can uninstall the one you don't need.
 +    * If needed, you can uninstall either the 32 or 64-bit version of Rhino.
 +    * **Do not uninstall the "​Rhinoceros 5 Help Media or Rhinoceros 5 Language Pack Installers**
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