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Downloading the Mac Rhino Tutorial files on OS X 10.7 and later

Note: The tutorials are written for the Windows version of Rhino. Since the Mac version is not complete, the tutorials have not yet been converted to reflect the differences.

To download the tutorial files

  • On the Rhino menu, click Help > Learn Rhino > Open Tutorial Models….

If you do not have the tutorial files installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download them. The file rh40mac_wip_tutorials_20090724.dmg will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.

Open the rh40mac_wip_tutorials_20090724.dmg file to display a new Finder window containing the RhinocerosTutorials.mpkg file.

Double-click the RhinocerosTutorials.mpkg file to install the tutorial files.

OS X may warn that the file was created by an unidentified developer and refuse to run it. If this happens, right-click (or control+click) the RhinocerosTutorials.mpkg, and on the context menu, click Open. In the dialog box, click the Open button.

The tutorial installer will start. Follow the installer directions.

When the installer has finished, click Help > Learn Rhino > Open Tutorial Models… again to open a tutorial model.

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