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高階Rhino 6 顯示模式

摘要: Rhino 6 添加了新的隱藏線條、草圖模式,還有其他選項等新的顯示模式。



Rhino 6目前有許多高階顯示選項,可以配置為建立更高階、即時顯示模式。目前有許多預設模式。可以建立及自訂更多模式,以在顯示中建立許多新的效果。顯示模式能夠控制陰影、邊緣厚度、材質與照明。



工程圖模式 鋼筆模式
technicalboat.jpg usbpen.jpg
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藝術風格模式 北極模式
harken_artistic.jpg arctic-mode-v6.jpg


彩現顯示模式已經升級。 通過加入一些材質,並打開環境,這是有可能做到的。 教學短片在此: Rhino 6即時彩現

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Creating Custom Display Modes

In addition to the many built in display modes, new custom display modes can be created. You can create your own display modes and control:

  • Unordered List ItemReal-time silhouettes
  • Creases
  • Borders
  • Real-time intersections
  • Blended Shaded and Rendered Display
  • Shadow types

Here is a tutorial on creating and editing custom display modes

The modes below can be imported into Rhino through the Rhino Display Options import command. Go to the Tools menu > Options >View > Display Modes page and click Import. Navigate to the downloaded .ini files and import. See the Advanced Display help topic under the import heading.



Download the Patent.ini file to add this mode.

This mode is quite sensitive to shadow settings. Some of the options to experiment with in this mode. Shadow line angle? Try 0, 23, 45, 90 degrees. 23 has some interesting characteristics. The shadow line does not stair-step at 23 degrees. Adjusting the lines widths option under Patent > Objects > Lines is quite important.

By using the Layout mode you can set up the title block and leader text.



Blueprint is a combination of a bitmap background, white striped shadows and thick silhouette lines. To use this mode, download the Blueprint.ini and the Blueprint background bitmap. Set the display mode to use this image as the background. This mode also can work with the|blackboard background]].



This mode is similar to the blueprint mode. It uses an image in the background and white shadows, but uses much larger over-sized widths to simulate more of a sketch mode. Download Blackboard.ini file for the settings and the chalkboard bitmap.

3D Printing Analysis

Simple Bright


A simple bright colored shaded mode popular in both architecture and mechanical design. To run this mode import the Simple Bright.ini file.

Ghosted Blueprinting

This mode is similar to the blueprint mode although the objects are partially transparent and surfaces lightly shaded and modeled. To run this mode, import Ghosted Blueprint.ini. There is also a bitmap background to download: Blueprint Grid

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