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Digital Media Project

Digital Media Project. Interactive training for carpenters. Employers apprenticeship training.

Freelance Rhino Designer, Modeller, CAD/CAM, Renderer

Maximo T. Galicia Jr.

3D Technical Head / Software Specialist / R&D / CAD-CAM Software / CNC Machine / Graphics & Web Design

Manila, Philippines


Neue Freunde toy research and development

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Product development for toys, premiums, and promotional items.

  • Concepts, artwork, engineering, and prototyping in Germany.
  • Mold making and industrial production in Far East.
  • Inhouse software featuring: Rhino 4 / SolidWorks 2008 / Sensable Freeform Modeling / Adobe Suite.
  • Inhouse workshop featuring: CNC milling, 3D scanner, Solidscape BT-66, and laser cutting.

Carsten Rosenbohm, Christopher Fellehner

Phone: +49 (0)69 / 6612 4720

Contact us for further details.

Hydraulic Design modelling, design, Rhino training

Ontario, Canada

James Carruthers, b.i.d.

Product development, visualization, illustration

Rhino training and consulting

Phone +1(613)868-4624

Mail to:

ScheepsbouwKunst Maritime Product Development and Consultancy

Gerard Petersen, founder of ScheepsbouwKunst, is a Naval Architect.

Experienced in developing innovative products and using Rhino in marine environment.

See for example the Rapid Hull Modeling tutorial.

Location Europe > Netherlands > Haarlem

phone +31 626 532891

Mailto: <>

See also ScheepsbouwKunst or RhinoCentre to meet the Dutch Rhino community.

Forida Limited CAD/CAM Consultancy

Forida provides Rhino services from modeling to application development

Phone +852 24156038

Fax +852 24999016


Kenneth Lau

Baldauf Produktdesign

Product development, industrial design, modeling and visualization

Siegfried Baldauf, industrial designer with seven years experience (from the first betas).

Location : Germany, Augsburg Phone : +49(821)34335-61 Visit : or email

3D modeling and rendering services

Alexandre Galin, Montreal, Canada

Experienced in industrial design and illustrations for over eight years .

Modeled and rendered business and commercial aircraft interiors for six years with Rhino.

If you need architectural or interior design visualization or 2D graphic design and illustration services contact me at

You can see my portfolio at

Product Designers with Rhino experience offering services in Norway

  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Rhino Training&Sales

Pivot Produktdesign AS

Storgata 51

0182 Oslo

Tel: 0047 91867592

Voxel C+T - Authorized Rhinoceros Training Center - Consulting in Modeling - CAD/CAM

D.I. Leonardo A. Velasco P.- Rhinoceros Specialist

From Rhinoceros 1.0 Beta to Rhino 4, ten years of experience developing products, molds for injection, architecture, teaching Rhino in Professional Level to Industrial and Graphics designers and architects.

Phone +57(1)7026792

Mobile phone +57(315)8449512 E-mail

Calle 17 No 4-68 - Oficina 306 - Bogotá, D.C. - Colombia

Ted Kyte Computer Service Inc.

3D Modeler in Canada Experienced modeler looking for contract work.

Work experience in a wide range of projects from visual to manufacturing and CNC.

See web page for examples

Authorized Rhino reseller. 3D model sales and free textures on web page.

The wiki doesnt like the - character in my email address so replace the AT below with the symbol or use the web page link and email from there.

Send email to

Phone (403) 646-3281

PhD with Rhino experience offering services in Italy

I am a PhD Student of the Faculty of Architecture in Florence. I have a high competence and training in return 3D images. I have devised a proceeding Rhino environment through which to obtain the 3D object from only two generic images and 6 points known of which 4 on the same footing.

I am dealing with translating this process graphic and geometric language visual script.

For further information:

Stefan Jaeger, Industrial Designer, Germany

Industrial designer looking for freelance jobs related to Rhino - either modeling/rendering only or complete design projects.

I've got 7 years of experience (daily usage) in using Rhino and I'm able to generate models that are ready to be used for rapid prototyping/manufacturing. Mainly working in the field of product and marine design. Several finished projects in the yachting industry - exterior and interior design.

Rendering tools that are used: VRay and Maxwell.

Phone: +49/391/7273862


Email: jaeger[AT]

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