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Digital Media Project - Carpenters-Employers Apprenticeship Training

I was recently approached by an old friend who is the training director for the Washington State Carpenter's Apprenticeship program. He is coordinating a national effort to update their training materials to a interactive digital based system.

He's familiar with our products and has been convinced by one of his instructors that Rhino/Flamingo/Bongo/Penguin could provide the tools needed to produce the kind of materials they're looking for. I think at some time they may want to produce some of the materials in-house. But at this time they need help getting started. This could develop into a long-term project.

In general, they want annotated illustrations and digital video clips that can demonstrate best practices for a wide range of construction techniques. The idea is that the apprentice's could use a CD on a PC to learn how to best do a particular job (e.g.. rafter framing). The goal is to get a standard set of these materials that could be used nationwide.

I think they want to contract with someone to produce the materials with collaboration from in-house instructors.

If you're interested, contact William McKenna, Training Director, The Carpenters-Employers Apprenticeship Training Trust Fund of Western Washington at or (253)437-5235 x101.

Jerry Hambly

Director of Education and Training

Robert McNeel & Associates

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