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ScheepsbouwKunst uses RhinoCeros extensively for Maritime Product Development

It literally means: the art of shipbuilding

As a small country the Netherlands explored the world for hundreds of years with their vessels. Several colonies where created in the far East as well as the West. Harlem in New York is called after the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands. Using excellent vessels for trade and warfare the shipbuilding industry in the Netherlands is part of our history. History because the industry is closing down. Due to the lack of innovation, ship production moved to countries with low wages.

ScheepsbouwKunst has the opinion that shipping and shipbuilding is more than economics. It is also romantic and a way of expressing yourself. Therefore ScheepsbouwKunst creates new ship concepts to re-create our world.

Our mission is to be market leaders of innovative product development in the maritime sector. The art of shipbuilding is driven by passion directed from a set of values to create a healthier world. In order to foster our core values of quality and creativity, we put a lot of time and energy into our projects and are inspired by the ambition to make our dreams a reality.

RhinoCeros is the most important tool to design and visualize the ideas and RhinoCeros is used throughout the complete proces of realisation. Efforts are made to implement RhinoCeros in the complete proces to realise a new product.

Gerard Petersen, founder of ScheepsbouwKunst, is a Naval Architect.

Location Europe > Netherlands > Haarlem

phone +31 626 532891

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