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How to Render Architectural Desktop 2006 Objects

Summary: The procedure for assigning AccuRender materials to ADT objects and layers.

How to Render Architectural Desktop 2006 Objects

The procedure for assigning AccuRender materials to Architectural Desktop objects and layers is nearly identical to that of AutoCAD. The difference in assigning materials comes with the fact that Architectural Desktop can create custom objects such as doors, windows, and stairs. Each of these custom objects can be made up of one or more sub-objects. In order to assign materials to these sub-objects, you must assign materials by color, instead of by object or by layer.

Note: AccuRender 3.1 Build 268 or later is required for use with ADT 2006.

Configure ADT 2006 for rendering with use with AccuRender 3.1

The process for configuring Architectural Desktop 2006 for rendering with AccuRender is slightly different from the process used to configure previous versions of Architectural Desktop. If you are using Architectural Desktop 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 3.3, or 2005 see the AccuRender FAQ for that version.

To configure Architectural Desktop 2006 for rendering

1. Select the layout and the viewport with the model view to render.

2. Double-click the viewport active it.

3. To create a new configuration, from the Format menu, click Display Manager.

4. In the Display Manager dialog box, right-click the Configuration folder, and then select New.

display_manager-004.jpg 5. In the left pane of the Display Manager dialog box, type a name for the configuration, such as AccuRender, and then press Enter.

display_manager-001.jpg 6. In the right pane of the Display Manager dialog box, on the Configuration tab, select the Override View Direction box.

The Fixed Display Configuration box, will now read Viewport View Direction.

display_manager-002.jpg 7. Select the new AccuRender display configuration in the left pane of the Display Manager dialog box.

8. To set the current display configuration, in the left pane of the Display Manager dialog box, right-click AccuRender, and select Set to Current Viewport.

display_manager-003.jpg 9. In the Display Manager dialog box, click OK. Now when the AccuRender configuration is current, the sub-objects in Architectural Desktop will render properly.

You can switch between this configuration and the other configurations from the Display Manager dialog box.

Assign materials to Architectural Desktop 2006 objects with sub-objects

Architectural Desktop objects can be made up of a number of sub-objects. For instance, an Architectural Desktop Window object is made of three sub-objects: Glazing, Frame, and Sash. If you would like the entire object to be rendered with only one material, assign the material to the object's layer. However, if you would like to assign materials to the sub-objects of the window, you must make each sub-object a different color. The typical ADT styles to modify are Walls, Windows, and Doors. They would follow the same procedure as detailed below for Doors.

Example: To change the color of sub-objects in Architectural Desktop 2006 doors

1. From the Format menu, double-click Style Manager, the drawing name, Architectural Objects, and then Door Styles.

2. Under Door Styles, right-click the selected the door style object you would like to change or Standard, and then select Edit.

style_manager-001.jpg 3. In the Door Style Properties dialog box, in the Style Override column, select the checkbox in the Model row.

door_style_properties-001.jpg 4. In the Display Properties dialog box, in the By Material column, clear the checkbox.

5. Clear the checkboxes for all the sub-components for which you want to assign separate AccuRender materials.

display_properties-001.jpg 6. In the Color column, use the existing color or select a unique color, and click OK.

The number of the color will be used to reference the material.

display_properties-002.jpg 7. Click OK to exit all the dialog boxes and return to the ADT command line.

8. From the Design menu, set colors for the other components.

9. At the Command prompt, type regen.

The objects will now be displayed in their new color.

Assign AccuRender materials for Architectural Desktop 2006

You will now assign AccuRender materials to the colors of the sub-objects.

To assign materials to the colors

1. Load and start AccuRender.

2. In the AccuRender dialog box, on the Setup tab, click Materials.

3. In the Assign Material list, and select By ACI.

assign_materials-001.jpg 4. Select a color number, and click the Assign Material button.

assign_materials-002.jpg 5. In the Material Library dialog box, click the material assignment for this color and click OK.

material_library-001.jpg 6. Repeat for all colors that require materials to be assigned to sub-objects.

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