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Summary: Miscellaneous tools for the most discriminating Rhino 4.0 designers.
Updated: October 13, 2009



The RhinoLabsTools plug-in contains miscellaneous tools that you might find useful. Who knows, some of these tools might even make it into the next release…


This plug-in is included in the Rhino 5.0 WIP.


The command currently available in the RhinoLabsTools plug-in are as follows:

  1. ArrayLinear - create a one dimensional array of objects.
  2. ConvertDots - converts text dots to either points or text objects.
  3. DupDimStyle - duplicates dimension styles.
  4. ExplodeLinetype - explodes curves with non-continuous linetypes into segments. Rhino 4.0 only
  5. FindText - finds text in the document.
  6. HideLayersInDetail - similar to Rhino's HideInDetail command, only it hides all objects on a layer.
  7. ImportDimStyles - imports dimension styles from another .3dm file.
  8. MatchCrvDir - matches the direction of selected curves.
  9. MatchProperties - matches object, material, and texture properties.
  10. ModifyRadius - changes the radius of arcs and circles.
  11. MoveGripsInside - moves the grips of a planar curve inside of a closed planar boundary.
  12. MoveInside - moves a planar curve inside of a closed planar boundary.
  13. ReplaceBlock - replaces a block with another block definition.
  14. RevCloud - creates revision cloud curves.
  15. Revert - reverts to the previously saved document.
  16. SelDimStyle - selects dimensions based on their style.
  17. SelHatch - selects hatch objects.
  18. SelNonManifold - selects non-manifold surfaces and polysurfaces
  19. SelRenderColor - selects objects by their diffuse render color (Rhino renderer only).
  20. ShowLayersInDetail - shows layer object hidden with HideLayersInDetail.
  21. SplitCrv - splits a curve into multiple pieces.
  22. SuperExplodeBlock - explodes blocks into component objects (including any nested blocks).
  23. SynchronizeRenderColors - synchronizes an object's material color with its display color.
  24. UnjoinEdge - unjoins selected polysurface edges. Won't unjoin seams in closed surfaces.
  25. VertexColorCreator - generates mesh vertex colors based on a meshes texture.
  26. VPoint - sets the viewing direction for parallel-projected views.


  1. Copy the RhinoLabsTools.rhp file to your <drive:>\Program Files RhinoCeros 4.0\Plug-ins folder.
  2. Start Rhino 4.0.
  3. Run the PluginManager command and press the Install button. Browse to your <drive:>\Program Files RhinoCeros 4.0\Plug-ins directory and select RhinoLabsTools.rhp.

E-mail the developers with your questions and feedback on this plug-in.

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