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Rhino Rendering

Rendering with the default renderer

Summary: Rhino Rendering

Alpha Channels

Formats supporting alpha channels: .tif, .tga, .png.

The Rhino3 default renderer does not generate alpha channels [Pascal - 2005-11-09] but you can make one “manually” by saving a copy of the scene, then change all the materials to pure white & the background to pure black. Turn the ambient light all the way to pure white as well. Delete all other lights.

As long as you don't change your animation or other rendering settings, this sequence should be a perfect match for your normally rendered animation. You can now use this “matte” animation as a mask in after effects or premiere or whatever compositor you are using to lay the animation in over your digital photograph. [MALaFon - 2005-11-10]

The built-in renderer in V4 beta does support alpha channels. Select File→Properties→Rhino Render→Transparent background before rendering, and then save the image in TGA, PNG or TIFF format. [Mikko - 2005-11-10]

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