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Links zu Rhino-Modellen

Rhino Models (.3dm format)

  • Rhino 2D Symbol Library - Massive library of 6500 standard 2D architectural, mechanical, electrical, and civil drafting symbols.

  • - Free 750+ Rhino models to download. works on a exchange system. You must upload to be able to download files. First register then you can upload. If your uploaded file has been approved for quality, then you can download. Approved file upload to download ratio, upload 1 approved file download 1 file, upload 2 approved file download 2 files, etc.

  • - A .zip file containing many Rhino models of various fasteners.

  • Gemstones - Models of standard gemstones in mesh form, easily convertable to surfaces.


  • McMaster-Carr catalog McMaster-Carr actually has models of a lot of their fasteners, they aren't all perfect, and some take a little rebuilding, but it's a lot better than pulling out the Machinery's Handbook and starting from scratch. Find the part you want, then once you get to the part page (with the little drawing of the part) up top there is a download button, select IGES and it opens right up in Rhino! –Sam Page

  • Tyco Electronics catalog Similar to McMaster-Carr: Find the part you want, then once you get to the part page, under the “Corporate P/N”, there will be a “CAD Geometry” link if they have the part in 3D, if that's the case, select IGES to download a zipped IGES file. - FREE always

  • Ultra 3D A range of high quality modern furniture models and accessories - FREE once you register.

  • VirtualCAD Free Manufacturer Part Number Interchanges in tandem with Free High-Detail 3D CAD Models of Mechanical Components.

  • Web2Cad 50 million 2D/3D CAD models - English, German, Italian, Japanese, French - FREE once you register

Models in Other Formats (mesh models, etc.)

  • Yobi3D 3D-Modell-Suchmaschine. Suchen 3D-Modelle in verschiedenen Format und sehen die Suchergebnisse in 3D.

  • 3D Cafe A website with many Free 3DS max models.

  • CG India Nice Collection of Free 3DS max models and textures.

  • 3D Gurukul Free 3D models in Max,Maya, Poser, C4D, and others, as well as a gallery, artwork, textures, tutorials.
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