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Hello there,

I just encountered, that cameras are not imported via 3ds-import.

If that was possible in the future it would be much appreciated.

max respect for rhino

klaus middendorf

Hi there,

it would be nice to modify the rotation center in perspective window

( for example to center of the active object)





1. - i would like in Rhino the possibility to scale multiple different and non-mesh objects (such as screws or bolts) “reletively to their own/individual centers” at once, so that it wouldn't be necessary to select each object at a time and having to enter each time the same scale factor, and so they don't drift away from another, but remain there position in space. (the history function aquires a relationship between the objects, and that unusually is the case.

i may apologize if that function should already be possible in Rhino 4.0, but then i haven't found it out yet, and also no script for it).



2. - also a menu for the “cage” tool easier to fill out would be very nice. all the steps defining and entering the degree of deformation and numbers of controlpoints for each direction are too many and too

much work each time, since it always takes many tries to fit the right size and segment numbers for a right deformation.

i would like a simple and immidiately activated cylinder, cube or sphere kind of selection frame with only the pick of the deformation's center necessary and a pop-up-menu similar from the blend-surface tool, in which the former adjustment figures are simply variable with the mousewheel in the individual fields and then also saved or remembered for the next use.

that is: would a cylindric or spherical deformation-cage be possible at all? - instead of only a cubic cage?

thanks alot.



in rhino i often need to spread several objects relatively to their “commen” centers without sizing the objects each, or also the other way around, scale them to their “individual” centers but remaining in their individual positions without moving them away from another.

the only collective moving operation i could come across in rhino 4.0 is the scale function but it always moves all objects away from a chosen commen center point which is not always wanted.

i know there is the plugin called “box edit”, but that tool is too particularized and elaborate.

the sizing must be manageable easily with the mouse indicated with a trackingline to the pivotpoint in the 3D-view port similar to the scale-command.

thank you,




rhino 4.0 is not that bad, but

here are some really missing basic functions in rhino 4.0:


1.- i need the “divide curve into segments”-command to really “divide” the curve/object directly into the entered number of segments and not just generate points on the segmentends.

        i don't understand why the extra step with the split-command is necessary???
        although the divide-command currently says divide, it doesn't divide.


2.- also, it would be really really nice if new generated objects (like after moving, copying, rotating, sizing, etc. , ) would at first remain selected after finishing or releasing the last command, so that they are immediatly selected for the next intended editing operation.


3.- further: i often need an easy command which aligns any chosen/selected points of objects to another chosen curve or line from any perspective view, not just from the straight perpendicular x,y,z-views.


4.- please extend the “draw line on surface” command to all visible surfaces, not only on selected ones.


5.- the same with the “draw point on surface command”, i do not want to always activate the command over and over again each time after only one single point is setted. it needs to be active for multiple points until manually deactivated.


6.- the “project line straight on object” command should provide the option to project only onto the first hitting surface of the object and not all the way through the object.


7.- the same as a previous user mentioned:

the cage-command unfortunatly does not stretch an object straightly or evenly.

for example if you try to stretch a cylinder with any type of cage far enough you can see it deforms really strangely and not evenly. the cylinder does not sustain as a cylinder anymore.


8.- i really need to see the pivot point of the view rotation. please set a visible pivot point for the rotation center.


thank you very much :)





extremely anoying is that rhino does not automatically and immidiatly indicate the gaps in a selected wireframe network when a command like “patch” or “surface from network of curves” fails.

this usually happens very often when repairing a model or trying to generate well defined surfaces.

and that then consumes endless amount of EXPENSIVE time trying to find the open corners by zooming in on each and every connected curve end manually, then zooming out again, selecting the the curves over again, trying the patch command again, and mostly it then fails again.

that drives me nuts and insane and makes me want to throw rhino out the window, but unfortunatly there aren't many alternatives at student prices :(.

please improve the indication of errors in the 3D-window causing the failure of commands.

thank you.

Hello, please create a selecttool for lines with same length in a

tolerance for example 10+0.1 and 10-0.1.

Thx Tobi

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