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CCC Rhino Teachers' On-line Workshop

This an in-depth, hands-on, one-day on-line workshop.

Rhino educational resources like Rhino in Education posts, Rhino Curriculum Guide, expertise from the instructors & fellow teachers will guide us during this workshop. A major goal of the workshop is to get your students working in 3d with Rhino on day-one in your classes.

Participants should be able to develop skills and projects that fit the output tools available in their own labs. The instructors and host teacher have years of classroom knowledge and expertise. The output tools available will be different at each teaching lab; not all labs will have the same devices.

We need to remember the reason for the workshop is to practice working with Rhino and gaining skills, strategies, and knowledge for the classroom. Please have the Rhino 7 Eval running on your computer.

Class Outline

Basic Format:

A full day with lunch and breaks We will cover some Rhino basics for newbies with resources for learning Rhino for teachers new to Rhino. We will also have plenty of tips and tricks for the more experienced users. Download the class files for the day.

The Rhino In Education page


  1. Introductions and Goals
  2. Begin with opening a model for a quick hands on look at Rhino. Work-Along with the presenter. (Download #1 model., Start Rhino. Everyone 'on board? Chat for help needed)
  3. Pete's project for laser cutting. Work-Along with the presenter. Bob and Dave monitoring Chat questions real time with teachers.
  4. Break
  5. Bob project for 3d printing. Work-Along with the presenter. Pete and Dave monitoring Chat questions real time with teachers.
Lunch Break
  1. Dave GH example or quick SubD Look-see.
  2. Chat topics we need to get back to from CHAT during the day.
  3. We will discuss the process of creating models in Rhino and best practices for fabricating on 3-D printers, CNC, laser cutters and vinyl cutters.

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