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Moving a Zoo Server

Product: Zoo
Summary: Discusses the steps to moving the Zoo server software from one server to another.

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Moving the Zoo license manager software from one server to another is no different than installing the Zoo software from scratch.

Note: There is no way to move or copy McNeel product CD-Keys from one Zoo server to another. Add product CD-Keys to the new Zoo server just as you did with your original Zoo server.


  1. Download and install the Zoo on a Windows computer.
  2. Make sure TCP Port 80 is open in your firewall.
  3. Run ZooAdmin and add your Rhino CD-Keys.
  4. Redirect your Rhino clients to the new Zoo server by modifying either the Windows Registry or your Domain Name System (DNS) server's default Zoo server name.

When everything is working as expected, uninstall the Zoo software from the old server.

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