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Design Based Lesson plans

This is a list of lesson ideas for a STEM based Secondary education program. The lessons may contain these categories:

  • Design Brief On computer
  • Group Design
  • Fabrication
  • Example projects
  • Real World Examples
  • STEM Learning
  • Technology in History research
  • Idea Resources

Product Design for People

Design project: Flashlight 1 - Design Brief

Tutorial Material

Design presentation

Tutorial Material

Class Examples

Design Examples:

  1. Backfire Flashlight - YouTube video
  2. Backfire Camplight - YouTube video
  3. Tactical Flashlight - YouTube video

Rhino Skills:

  1. Rendering Tools - Vimeo video
  2. Rendering User's Guide - from User Guide

Fabrication options:

  1. Rendering - Link to website
  2. Rapid prototype flashlight - Link to website
  3. Flashlight CNC - Rhinocam tutorial

Designing in our world - Small products Design and fabrication

Design Brief Beattles Falsh Drive cover

Example Student Projects



Product Design Videos

Similiar project ideas

History of Mechanics

Design project


  • Gear project - LaserCutter
  • Rapid Prototyping gears - Prototypign Machiens
  • Cutting Gear Project - CNC Machine

History of gears and industry

Mechanics Simple Mechanical Object Gears Laser 3dprinter Reverse Engineer simple mechanisms Davinci Clock (Advanced gears) Reverse Engineer A Steam Engine


Design brief

Tutorial Resources


  • Wind Tunnel - CNC, Rapid protoyping
  • C02 Cars - CNC
  • Mousetrap Cars - Lasercutter

Student work

Videos about Transportation


Glider Projects

Glider Extra material

Glider STEM Competitions

Alternate Projects:

  • 3D Intermediate Gliders
  • High altitude Balloon Launch
  • Tracking
  • Release
  • Parachutes/drouges Drop contest
  • Rocketry
  • Kites
  • Lasercut parts
  • 3d Printed weights/Aerodynamic

Video Game Design

Game design and development - Laying it all out.

Unreal Game Development

Movie making process Art Directors Fabrication CG and physical Moviews

Clock Project


TSA style design project

Build A House with Rhino

All are links to Rhino in Education page for explanation and the download files:

Building Structures

Rocket Design

  • Fabrication
    • Laser cut fins
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