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Design Based Lesson Plans

This is a list of lesson ideas for a STEM based secondary education program. The lessons may contain these categories:

  • Design brief on computer
  • Group design
  • Fabrication
  • Example projects
  • Real world examples
  • STEM learning
  • Technology in history research
  • Idea resources

Product design for people

Design project

Tutorial material

Design presentation

Tutorial material

Class examples

Design examples

Rhino skills

Fabrication options

Designing in our world - Small products design and fabrication

Design brief Beattles Falsh Drive cover

Example student projects

The following five models are meant to teach Rhino modeling skills. Keep this in mind when deciding whether or not they fit your teaching needs:


Product design videos

Similiar project ideas

History of mechanics

Design project


  • Gear project - Laser cutter
  • Rapid Prototyping gears - Prototyping machines
  • Cutting Gear Project - CNC machine

History of gears and industry


Design brief

Tutorial resources


  • Wind tunnel - CNC, rapid protoyping
  • C02 cars - CNC
  • Mousetrap cars - Laser cutter

Student work

Videos about transportation


Glider projects

Extra material

Alternate projects

  • 3D intermediate gliders
  • High altitude balloon launch
  • Tracking
  • Release
  • Parachutes/drouges drop contest
  • Rocketry
  • Kites
  • Laser cut parts
  • 3D Printed weights/aerodynamic

Video game design

Game design and development - laying it all out

Unreal game development

Movie making process

Art directors


CG and physical movies

Clock project


TSA style design project

Build a house with Rhino

All are links to Rhino in Education page for explanation and the download files.

Building structures

Rocket design

Rocket design information

Rocket models

Simulation and testing


  • Laser cut fins
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