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3D Mouse/Navigator info and issues

Why does my Spaceball-type device not work correctly?
After upgrading from Rhino 3.0 to 4.0, I noticed that my SpacePilot doesn't do anything beyond rotate. I have lost the ability to configure my buttons, views, and worst of all; the “fit” button no longer works. I have the latest drivers from

Answer - The executable file name has changed between Rhino 3.0 and Rhino 4.0. If the driver does not load your Rhino configuration, open the Rhinoceros.scg file under en_us/profiles/default in the 3DxWare directory and change the EXECUTABLES name to rhino4.exe. Then restart the driver and Rhino. The link for the latest driver fixes this problem: It's definitely worth updating every 8 weeks or so, even just for bug fixes and version updates.

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