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3-D Mouse/Navigator Info and Issues

Why does my Spaceball-type device not work correctly?

After upgrading from Rhino 3.0 to 4.0, I noticed that my SpacePilot doesn't do anything beyond rotate. I have lost the ability to configure my buttons, views, and worst of all, the “fit” button no longer works. I have the latest drivers from


The executable file name has changed between Rhino 3.0 and Rhino 4.0. If the driver does not load your Rhino configuration, open the Rhinoceros.scg file under en_us/profiles/default in the 3DxWare directory and change the EXECUTABLES name to rhino4.exe. Then restart the driver and Rhino. The link for the latest driver fixes this problem:

It's definitely worth updating every eight weeks or so, just for bug fixes and version updates.

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