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NVIDIA Display Driver Issues and Info

Quadro Driver Testing for Rhinoceros 5

If you are experiencing crashes in Rhino 5 that are related to the NVIDIA driver, please try the following driver for use with Rhino 5 and Quadro cards.

  • On Windows 7, the latest stable driver we recommend is 320.92
  • On Windows 8 and 8.1, there is no stable driver we can recommend
  • This information is subject to change without notice, as new drivers are released regularly.

April 9, 2014 Recent user feedback indicates the latest NVIDIA Quadro driver 332.76 (3.14.14) has been successful for some. See Supported Products on their page. Please let us know if it is working for you. Email Mary Fugier.

February 10, 2014

For the past year there have been several reports coming in about crashes in the video drivers from users who have specific NVIDIA Quadro video cards. Trying to isolate the problem to a level where Rhino developers could come up with some kind of workaround or fix has proven to be very difficult and elusive.

The bottom line is that this problem is happening down inside the video driver, and although it *could* be caused by something Rhino is doing, the drivers should still not crash. Because of this, the possibility of fixing this in Rhino extremely difficult, or possibly impossible at this point.

This situation concerns us since work can be lost due to the crash and forced shutdown of Rhino(s). Some crashes seem to occur without Rhino running … just running web browsers and viewing video crashed the system at other times. But the combination of both Rhino and browser(s) seemed to speed up the frequency of crashes.

For even more details, read the full report here.

Random crashing with NVIDIA cards - NVIDIA Threaded Optimization setting

Several users are reporting random crashes with updated NVIDIA drivers. Jeff recently discovered a setting in the NVIDIA Control Panel that seems to be causing this problem. NVIDIA says it should normally be turned OFF, but many users are finding the control turned ON instead.

We recommend turning Threaded Optimization control OFF.
We recommend changing the Global Settings page to 'Workstation App- Dynamic Streaming”.

Update: on 7-Nov-08, John ( reported on the Rhino Newsgroup that there are no longer problems with threaded optimization in the newest drivers (ver. 180.42). Also these drivers reportedly allow multi-monitors on SLI computers.
Update: on 18-Nov-08, John Brock ( is running a GeForce 9800 GTX with driver version (9/17/2008) and has the random crash problem with threaded optimization set to “auto”. Set to off eliminates the problem.
Update: on 17-July-2013 Some users have found that that Quadros behave better with Rhino if the NVIDIA control panel > Global Settings page is set to use 'Workstation App- Dynamic Streaming”


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