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RhinoMobile - Setup Your Project

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Notes on the project architecture

  1. In Xamarin Studio, create an empty Solution. For our purposes, we'll call this YourProjectMobile, but you can call it whatever you like, as long as you follow the naming conventions.
  2. Add a new project to the YourProjectMobile Solution. Use C# Library project. Call it YourProject.Core. This creates an empty project that will be used as the template for the Cloned Project.
  3. Add an Android C# Library Project called YourProject.Core.Droid.
  4. Add a iOS C# Library Project called YourProject.Core.Touch.
  5. In Finder, move the contents of YourProject.Core.Droid and YourProject.Core.Touch into the YourProject.Core folder.
  6. In Xamarin Studio, remove (not delete) all the added projects.
  7. In Xamarin Studio, Add Existing projects YourProject.Core.Touch and YourProject.Core.Droid (this time from their new home in YourProject.Core folder) to the Solution.
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