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Scripts, Workspace, and Macros

Created by G.C. Webster (Guilherme Cozer Webster) for Rhino.

Info: Olá. Welcome to my humble wiki page. I'm not a VB Expert, but I do my best. If you'd like to report a bug (or maybe a spelling / grammar mistake), send a suggestion or just contact me, feel free to send an e-mail.


This .zip file (last revision: 03/Feb/06) contains all the scripts described below, saved in .rvb format. It is simpler than uploading every single script…

These .rvb files are ready to be copied and pasted to a button. Take a look at the MacroScriptSetup tutorial page to know what I'm talking about.

AbsTol - Quickly change the absolute tolerance of a document.

AnglePivot - Runs the Angle command with a pivot point.



BothColors - Quickly changes both wireframe and render/material colors of any objects.

ClearAllMeshes - Runs the ClearAllMeshes command with a secure confirmation box.

ClearUndo - Runs the ClearUndo command with a secure confirmation box.

ClosedPlanarCrvIndAreaCentroids - Creates individual area centroids for each closed planar curve selected.

CopyToPt - Copies several objects to selected points at the same time. (Original idea by Gelfling aka David Rutten)

CSec2 - Automatically creates open curves from the intersection between given cross-section and profile curves.

DigDisconnect - Runs the DigDisconnect command with a secure confirmation box.

EncloseCrvs - Encloses open planar curves inside a closed planar curve boundary.

ExtendCrvs - One of the most useful scripts I've ever written: extend several curves at the same time.

IndAreaCentroids - Creates individual area centroids for each srf or polysrf selected.

IndBoundingBoxes - Creates individual bounding boxes for each object selected.

IndProjBB - Creates projected to Cplane bounding boxes for each object selected.

InvBottom - Sets an Invert Bottom view in any Rhino document.

InvTop - Sets an Invert Top view in any Rhino document.

InvDel - Simply inverts selection and deletes remaining objects with a secure confirmation box.

OffsetCrvs - Offsets more than one curve at the same time, including a BothSides option.

OriBB - Creates an oriented Bounding Box accordingly to a 3pt Cplane. (Thanks for the help, Pascal!)

Orient2pt_pivot - The orient command with a pivot point (same first point on both reference and target).

ProjBB - Also extremely useful: creates a Projected To Cplane Bounding Box.

QuadMirror - Mirror an object twice, first horizontally and then vertically, using the origin, resulting in four equal objects. (Hmmm…is this clear enough?)

RenderColor - Quickly changes the render/material color of objects.

ResetBothColors - Re-assigns both wireframe and render/material color of objects as By Layer.

ResetColor - Re-assigns the wireframe color of objects as By Layer.

ResetRenderColor - Re-assigns render/material color of objects as By Layer.

SelCrvInPlane - Selects only the planar curves in a model that coincides with the active CPlane.




ShowE - All objects of the model on the screen - basically unlocks and shows everything.

Txt2Crv - Transforms text objects in curves.


WireColor - Quickly changes the wireframe color of objects.


Here it's possible to download my personal workspace file, with custom buttons and organization. It contains the macros below, all scripts above and other useful codes from some VB masters such as Dan Bayn and Thomas Anagnostou.


Macros are usually quite easy and simple. Here are some of mine:

New file using template - Just replace YOURTEMPLATE with the real name of the template wanted.


SelColor+Hide & SelColor+InvHide

_SelColor _pause _Hide

_SelColor _pause _Invert _Hide

Set the Default layer on - You obviously must have a layer named default.

-_OneLayerOn Default

Open the Units Tab in Document Properties page '_NoEcho 'DocumentPropertiesPage Units

Set the Gradient View ON in all viewports & Set the Gradient View OFF in all viewports

_NoEcho -GradientView View Enter

_NoEcho -GradientView View State Enter

Show Wireframes on render & Don't show wireframes on render - It works only with TreeFrog as the current renderer .

_NoEcho -_DocumentProperties _TreeFrog _Wireframe=yes Enter Enter

_SetRedrawOn _Echo

_NoEcho -_DocumentProperties _TreeFrog _Wireframe=no Enter Enter

_SetRedrawOn _Echo

Blend curve: tangent - position continuity - Creates a blend curve using G1 and G0 continuities in the first and last input, respectively. You can use this macro as a model to create other continuity combinations.

_Blend continuity=tangency _pause continuity=position

Line: Perpendicular from Curve, Both Sides from First Point

Line Perpendicular _BothSides _pause _FromFirstPoint

Mark Both Curve Start and End

_NoEcho _CrvStart _CrvEnd


G.C. Webster (Guilherme C. Webster) RS - Brasil


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