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Welcome to Max's Wiki

Following is a collection technical support animations and documents that were produced for Rhino users. Enjoy.

Rhino 4 Training Guides.

Using Rhino 4 layouts and line weight features.

Rhino 4 page layouts for 2D and plotting.

Rhino 4: How to use FlowOnSrf.

Fillet 3 surfaces. Create a fillet between three surfaces that are all 90 degrees to each other.

Using Networksrf. How to do a surface from curve network.

Setting Shade vs. Render Color. The difference between setting shade color to object and render color.

Applying curves to a sphere. Map UV curves to a sphere using ApplyCurve command.

Array on curve on surface. Using the ArrayCrv and ArrayCrvOnSrf commands.

How to do a ball joint. How to manually create a ball joint when fillet does not work.

Bending a mesh. How to use the Bend command to modify a mesh. This is a big animation! Allow for time to download.

Tracing images as backgrounds. Video tutorial on how to attach an image to the Rhino 3 Viewport and trace curves.

When booleans don't work. This is an video tutorial of a solid that can not be constructed with solid primitives.

Rhino 4.0 Level 1 Exercise 52 Phone Handset. This exercise is in the Level 1 Rhino 4.0 Training Manual Pages 171-179.

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