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Rhino 4 Plugins that may work in Rhino 5:

Here is a page to help understand how existing Rhino 4 plug-ins may work in Rhino 5.

Product Rhino 5 32-bit Rhino 5 64-bit Additional Notes
Flamingo NXT Yes* Yes On the release CD of Flamingo NXT
Flamingo 2.0 Yes No Must update to NXT for 64-bit support. Flamingo NXT
Flamingo 1.1 Yes No Must update to NXT for 64-bit support
Brazil 2.0 Yes Yes, Service Release Download Service release from Brazil website
Bongo 1.0 Yes No Download the latest service release from Bongo Website
Bongo 2.0 Yes Yes
Penguin 2.0 Yes Yes Download a service release from Penguin Website
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