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Toolbars and Text Suddenly Shrink After Opening or Saving a File

Summary: On some systems, using the Windows file dialog to open or import a file or image file (PictureFrame command) or any operation that uses the file dialog can cause Rhino's interface to suddenly shrink and become unusable

What needs to be done?

  • The default file dialog needs to be disabled in Rhino.

What are the details?

  1. Close all Rhinos
  2. Start Rhino and before doing anything else, type the following command in its entirety (it will not auto-complete) followed by <Enter> : testToggleFileDialog
  3. Now continue working in Rhino, using the file dialog as before - if Rhino's interface continues to behave, place the same command in Rhino's start up commands so that is always runs as Rhino starts up. (Options > General page > “Run these commands every time Rhino starts”)
  4. Close and restart Rhino normally - it should behave from now on.
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