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Rhino 6 for Windows Tutorials

Summary: Rhino 6 for Windows adds more tools including Grasshopper, History, Curve refinements and Gumball.

What's New in Rhino 6 for Windows

Rhino 6 for Windows has a number of new features and commands. Here is a Overview of the New Features in Rhino 6 for Windows.

Feel free to download the Rhino 6 Evaluation version. It is fully functional during 90 days.

Visit Rhino's User Forum if you have any questions or contact McNeel's support team if you encounter technical issues .

Quick Tips on New Features

Visualization & Display Improvements

 |Rhino 6 for Windows Visualization Improvements Here's a collection of short videos that point out the improvements for rendering & visualization in Rhino 6. Learn about material templates, environments, ground plane, snapshots and much more!

Modeling & Editing Improvements

|Rhino 6 for Windows Modeling Improvements Check out this tutorial collection that shows all the enhancements related to modeling & editing geometry in Rhino 6. You'll learn how to use the Command Line as a calculator, how to better control point editing or use the single viewport drawing mode.

More History Support

|Rhino 6 for Windows HIstory Improvements History in Rhino allows you to associate geometry as an easy way to edit complex parts downstream. Check out the new History enabled commands in Rhino 6, such as BlendCrv, BlendSrf, Sweeps, FilletEdge and more!

New Gumball Features

|Rhino 6 for Windows Gumball Improvements Check out these short clips that show you how to make the most out of Rhino's favorite widget: the Gumball. Learn how to extrude points, to bothsides and Scale in 2D!

Documentation Enhancements

|Rhino 6 for Windows Documentation Improvements There are many significant improvements for Annotation & Documentation. Display for curves and blocks has been greatly improved, rich text support and many new features in the Make2D command!

New Licensing & Administration Platform

|Rhino 6 for Windows Licensing Methods We have added a third licensing system to RHino 6. Learn how to create a Rhino Account and the different options related to adminitrating your licenses on the new Cloud Zoo system

Getting Started with Rhino 6 for Windows

The Getting Started series is a collection of videos aimed at walking Rhino beginners through the process of building everyday objects from scratch all the way to adding details, in about one hour.

Modeling a Toaster

Follow McNeel's Kyle Houchens in this video tutorial on how to create a blobby bread toaster from a simple sketch

Modeling a Pen

Join Kyle Houchens in this tutorial for beginners on modeling a pen by using a picture underlay. You'll learn how to build the overall shape, down to detailing the grip and the clip. Kyle will build a solid object and skim through the options for 3d printing from Rhino.

Modeling a Key Fob

In this tutorial for beginners, Kyle Houchens shows how to model a key fob . A simple shape with a lot of interesting details and transitions. Learn how to add materials with textures to make realistic images of your concept.

Rhino 6 level 1 Training

Rhino 6 level 2 Training

Rhino 6 User Guide

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