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Incentives and Expected Practical Outcomes an ART Authorization

An ART authorization is not necessary to teach Rhino. In 1999, customers and teachers asked McNeel to come up with a way to authorize individual Rhino trainers for their Rhino knowledge and ability to teach Rhino. This includes familiarity with Rhino resources, support forum and other materials. The ART and ARTC authorizations were established in 2000.

There are basic ART requirements, however your region may require additional qualifications.

  • When you have completed the requirements and submitted your ART application, your application will be reviewed by McNeel staff. You will be officially notified of your authorization and you will receive instructions for the private MyMcNeel portal.
  • MyMcNeel is an account login associated with Rhino Accounts which will allow you to post your classes and registration links to our Rhino training site. Only ART/ARTC can post their classes to our main Learn page and will be listed as offering custom training.
  • Some potential students may ask if you are an authorized ART.
  • You may add your new ART to your LinkedIn and your list of other commercial certifications and authorizations.
  • Some employers require it for in-house Rhino training.
  • Marketing and technical support staff are asked questions daily about training. A training newsletter is also published each month that highlights the upcoming classes by ARTs and ARTCs on the Rhino schedule. If requested, we'll also publish Rhino News Blogs posts for any special training that you may have scheduled.
  • McNeel typically does not present regularly scheduled Level 1 & Level 2 training. Our ARTs and ARTC offer that training, mostly online.
  • You may ask for opinions of other users, recommendations or “testimonies” on the Rhino Support Forum. We also get feedback from our ARTs that this authorization adds value and brings attention to their preparedness to teach Rhino.
  • ART is a certification of Rhino knowledge. This is not a review of teaching talent, character, pricing, monetary value. At McNeel, do not want to be in the position of collecting and compile this data. Yelp or LinkedIn is a better place to share your review.
  • If you are unhappy with your training, we recommend that you contact your instructor directly. Most instructors understand that you might be better served with a different teaching style and may consider a refund.
  • Other Rhino users wanting to teach Rhino do not have to be an ART. However, an ART authorization is required if you would like to post your Rhino classes on the Learn page of our Rhino web site.


  • Q: After becoming an ART will my students/attendees have access to the educational license of Rhino?
  • A: No. The educational license is restricted and only available to eligible, current students and faculty at accredited schools, colleges and universities. See Proof of Educational Status. However, anyone can download and install the 90 day Evaluation of Rhino.
  • Q: Is there an annual expense for being an ART?
  • A: There is no annual fee to be an ART. However, ARTs are required to keep their Rhino license(s) current. You typically plan on a new release of Rhino every 2-4 years. Your region may have a deadline for updating your Rhino and have additional requirements (typically a test or a video) for authorizing an ART with each new release of Rhino.
  • Q: Does becoming an ART give me permission to issue a Rhino training certificate to my attendees?
  • A: We do not have an official certificate for your training. You may design your own certificate and use the ART logo here:

Question? Email Mary Ann Fugier.

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