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Command Prompt Missing in Rhino 4

Rhino 4 only.

Problem: Your Rhino Command Prompt is not longer not visible on your computer screen.

The Command Prompt Command

In the Rhino application, type CommandPrompt, This wil re-set to be docked at the top, change it from hidden to visible. This will not resize or change an error in the size of the Window.

  1. Command: CommandPrompt <Enter>
  2. Choose command prompt option ( Position=Top Show=Yes ):P
  3. Position <Top> ( Top Bottom Floating Toggle ): T
  4. Choose command prompt option ( Position=Top Show=Yes ): S
  5. Show <Yes> ( Yes No Toggle ): Y
  6. Choose command prompt option ( Position=Top Show=Yes ):<Enter>

Update the Registry

If the above procedure does not reset the command prompt window, download the file below. This registry file will change and size and location of the command prompt windows back to the installation default.

Note: You need rights to update the registry on your system to merge the registry file.

  1. Download this File and unzip it to your Desktop.
  2. Right click on on the CommandPrompt.reg file and pick “Merge”.
  3. Click “yes” to confirm that it can modify the the registry keys.

Do you need a program to Unzip files?

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