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What do you do with Rhino?

Edit this page to tell the world how you use Rhino in art.

Denver Bear

Public art which was constructed with an advanced, low-cost, manufacturing technique heavily using DeskProto and Rhino.

Carlo Borer Art and CB Industries

As an artist I do a lot of unfoldings to realize my work. I do my unfolding with Rhino.

Later I cut them with laser (Bystronic-machines) and shape it on a rounding machine.

I work with IronCad and Rhino.

Peter Jansen

Uses Rhino as a sculptor for beautiful art.

Public Sculpture by Heath Satow

Architecture and sculpture.

Spidron by Erdély Dániel

Simply visit this exciting site!

Rinus Roelofs, sculptor and mathematician

Escher in 3D!

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