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Briers Swiss Watch by Briers Keable (Rhinoceros Authorized Reseller and Trainer)

Modeled in Rhino Rendered in Flamingo. This design is unique. I specially created sweeping curves blending the Bracelet to the Case creating a perfect harmony of Case and Bracelet. This design serves well to emphasise the free-form surface creation that Rhino provides. The bracelet segments have a perfect hinge system, more characteristic of the Goldsmithing Trade (much to the disgust of my Swiss Watchmaker friends!), I have started to encourage the young generation of Swiss Watch Designers to look beyond the limits of traditional watch design, to pioneer with me a fresh new generation of asthetically advanced shapes and forms, that are closer to scuplture than traditional Swiss-time-piece manufacture. The cost factor to produce such pieces commercially is rather prohibitive as each link has a unique shape, so don't expect to see such watches arrive on the market very soon, when they do, they will not be in the lower price bracket.

New technique of bronze coating.

Rinus Roelofs - I've added some pictures of my rapid prototyping models to my website. New is the technique of bronze coating. A thin layer of bronze is put on the nylon SLS-model. See model 9 and 12...

Jewelery Retailer Benefits from Rhino and CAD/CAM

Some German user stories from our customers:

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