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Comments from Students of Our Online Training

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I want to tell you that this GH101 class was fantastic. Well paced, well organized, and dense with information. The cost was the best education money I’ve ever spent. My experience with web based classes has been downright bad until taking this one; now I know they can be great. I appreciate how well organized the whole event was and your coordination between Andres and the students was outstanding. I have a lot to digest and may have questions later but I’m so excited about what I got from this class I had to thank you for your part in it. I will be there for the December class. Sincerely, - Bob H., Seattle

I wish that other software companies were as educator friendly as your company is. - Kevin C.

That was a great class! I’m semi-new to Rhino, and I was able to pick up a lot of really cool tips. I’ve been teaching myself Rhino, but it’s definitely better having an instructor (and classmates!) so we can bounce questions and ideas off each other. The pacing worked really well, especially for someone in my case who has to juggle classes and lab work. Thanks again for the awesome handling of the class. - Edith V.

I want to say how much I am enjoying the classes, and you are a very good teacher. Your knowledge of Rhino, plus all the other programs you compare it to, is vast and impressive, yet you’re still able to explain the concepts clearly, even to a ‘3D-newbie’.

Thanks so much for all the hard work you’ve done on this course. By the way…I really like the Level 1 Manual as well. Format is great….easy to read, find stuff, understand….and I love the little color images of the Rhino icons. Once I’ve had a few months’ practice with Level 1, I’ll be looking at doing Level 2 with you online.

Thanks again, - Kathleen S.

Thanks for all your enthusiasm and help. Regards, - Phil C.

As for comments, The Grasshopper training was wonderful. The instructor’s humor, knowledge, pace and excitement/passion for the topic and training were outstanding, …also, in terms of the Level 1 training, I thought it was outstanding….very thorough, well-paced and just right for an intro to the software. I also think the Level 2 training was great, but I was not really ready for it…way too much great information, but again, because of Vimeo I can now watch it again in a couple of months… and I would definitely be interested in more training online…I think they work really well; it's amazing how all of us were tuned into a single training from such distant physical locations…pretty cool. Thanks again, - Bob M., AIA, NCARB

It has been a great experience for me to attend both the Rhino Level 1 and the Grasshopper intro courses online. Thank you for making this possible!

Both the Rhino and the Grasshopper courses were very fun and I must add that Andres is a fantastic communicator. I am looking forward to getting into this material. (Luckily you have posted the videos so I can repeat the course. Usually I have to use this kind of stuff at a regular basis for it to stick. :D)

Although I am at a very early stage of applying these tools to my design process I certainly now know that this is the way for me to go, and I`m getting the license for the software as soon as possible. Therefore I am also interested in attending any follow-up courses. - Oliver B.

Thank you, I am serious about learning your software, you have a great product. - Delia L.

I really enjoyed the Level 1 class and look forward to using Rhino as my default drawing program and not just a converter and viewing program.

You all did a first rate job, as good as any real classroom training. The fact that I can access your class recordings and reference the Level 1 manual at anytime will help out tremendously. (There is a lot to remember if you do use the program all the time.) - Gary B.

I'm really enjoying the class and I think the pace is good. Thank you.

I'd also like to mention that I hope that a Level 2 training will be offered online. I'll be the first to sign up.

Thanks and best regards, - Alan C.

I wanted to add a comment about the price. You definitely made it affordable for me. I checked into training before and it was just too expensive, when I saw the online class I immediately jumped on it. So thanks a lot for making this available. -Alex P.

I would like to thank you again for the recordings, as I find them highly useful as I am able to pause and rewind and replay. I will do as you recommend and burn them all to DVD.

Warm regards, - Sheldon D.

I would rate the class as a 5 across the board. You were very intelligent, articulate, and well prepared. The problem for me is that I was completely new to Rhino in a class that seemed to have a strong design background. I guess what would be helpful to me would be to try to work through the exercises before taking your class. I also would like to take the Level 2 class.

Sincerely, - Allan T.

Thank you so much for putting on what I thought was a great class. It was exceptionally helpful for me. What's even more helpful is the ability to review the classes recording because I did get behind and needed to watch some of the demonstrations again. That is a great bonus. Would you be available for support as I go through the material again? If I come upon a question or get stuck, may I still contact you for assistance?

I'm also excited about this paperweight competition! I will definitely try to work on something to submit.

Thanks again, - Ann

I enjoyed the class. It was really useful information and answered all my questions. Thank you, - Blanca

Thanks for making an affordable and accessible online option available. - Julia

Thanks so much for your Rhino help! The class is awesome, by the way! - Al C.

Glad to be here, learning Rhino. I am on a steady diet of Rhino tutorials from our class.

Thanks, - Nathan A.

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