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What do you do with Rhino?

Edit this page to tell the world how you use Rhino in vehicle design.

Nike ONE for GRAN TURISMO 4 by Phil Frank, rendering by Toru Kosaka

A website called has some images of Nike ONE which was designed for the computer game GRAN TURISMO 4. This car is designed by Phil Frank using Rhino and the images were rendered by Toru Kosaka using Flamingo.

Transportation Design Master - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Check here the projects made at the Transportation Design Master - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, designed and milled in Rhino.

Heikki Naulapää

My name is Heikki Naulapää and this website is dedicated to my personal design projects.

I hope you find my projects interesting, like the Aprilia Magnet, entirely designed in Rhino. Feedback is welcome.

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