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My Rhino Text is Mirrored in AutoCAD. Why?


When a Rhino file is exported to DWG/DXF and opened in AutoCAD, the text may appear incorrectly mirrored. Let's look at the most common reason why this happens.

Rhino "Text reads forward" Setting

In the Rhino's Annotation Style, there is a setting under the Font page called Text reads forward when viewed from behind.

This allows the text to stay always readable or forward even when it is viewed from behind or from the bottom.

This setting works great if you stay in Rhino. However if you plan to export to AutoCAD DWG/DXF and open the files in AutoCAD, you will have problems.

The reason is that AutoCAD does not have a corresponding setting in its Text or Dimension style. So you must avoid this setting in Rhino, to guarantee visual parity between what you see in Rhino and what you will see down stream in AutoCAD.

The Solution

If you plan to export to AutoCAD, you will need to turn off this setting "Text reads forward when viewed from behind" in your Annotation style.

  1. In Rhino, go to Options command and navigate to Annotation style(s).
  2. Under Font, turn OFF or uncheck the setting: “Text reads forward when viewed from behind”. Pick OK to close Options.
  3. Inspect your model and look for text this is no longer readable.
  4. Rotate all unreadable text with the Gumball widget or Rotate command. Rotate the unreadable test 180 degrees in the Right viewport.

See video showing how to fix here.

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