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Rhino.Inside Revit

Summary: Rhino 7 includes a new technology that allows you to work with Rhino & Grasshopper inside Revit's environment. Rhino.Inside Revit allows you to link both platforms and avoid all need to import or export geometry. This creates and unprecedented integration between these applications.

Go to the Rhino.Inside Homepage to install and try this new technology.


Introduction to Rhino.Inside Revit

Join McNeel's Scott Davidson in this first introductory video about one of Rhino's 7 new technology: Rhino.Inside Revit. Rhino.Inside is a project that allows you to access Rhino and Grasshopper core functionalities from within another application; in this case, Revit. Learn where to find the information and how to install it. How you every wondered how to get Rhino models into Revit? (3 minutes):


From Rhino into Revit

Watch how to transfer information from Rhino to Revit, creating Revit objects from Rhino geometry. See how editing objects in Rhino affects its counterparts in Revit, through this live link without any need to import or export! (3'41“) Download the sample files for this video

From Revit into Rhino

In this video, you will learn how to transfer geometry from Revit into Rhino. This is a common workflow used for manufacturing purposes or for 3D printing the model. (3'56”) Download the sample files for this video

Using Grasshopper Parameters in Revit

In this video, Scott Davidson will show how to use parameters in Revit through Rhino's generative design plugin, Grasshopper. You'll also learn how to use Human UI, a Grasshopper plugin, to create your own dialog boxes that can interact with Revit. (5'31“) Download the sample files for this video

Interacting with Revit objects

Learn how to reference Revit elements using Grasshopper parameters and output Revit objects. You can edit these objects in Revit and have the Grasshopper freeform geometry update accordingly. (4'10”) Download the sample files for this video

Håvard Vasshaug of the Bad Monkeys reviews Rhino Inside Revit

A 5-star presentation from Håvard Vasshaug of the Bad Monkeys group to Snøhetta. If you know Revit and want to know how your workflow might be improved, watch this. (50'32“)

Gavin Crump the Aussie BIM Guru video series on Rhino Inside Revit

Gavin Crump kicks off a series on Rhino Inside with a 5 part series - the new tool which connects Rhino and Revit together! Gavin thinks Grasshopper in Revit is a massive breakthrough for computational designers. In this first part, he covers how to bake out elements from Revit into Rhino using filtering criteria. In the next parts we will cover reading and setting parameter values in Revit. (23'52”)

Rhino Inside Revit with Geometry Gym

This video runs through the basics of Rhino.Inside Revit and how to get up and running with this exciting new technology. Along with Geometry Gym tools with an eye toward facades and structures.

Parametric Monkey Primer

With the release of Rhino.Inside, a whole range of new interoperability possibilities now exist. We've been working with our clients to integrate Grasshopper scripts with Revit, and developed this quick tutorial to help them get up and running. Hopefully it helps you too.Paul Wintour Parametric & BIM specialist, founder of Parametric Monkey

How to Rhino tutorial on Rhino Inside Revit

This is a short recap of Rhino Inside plugin for Revit which allows Revit and other apps to run Rhino and Grasshopper within Revit application. Keep in mind that this works only with Rhino 7 work in progress version. With this plugin, you can easily import and export geometry from Revit to Rhino and Grasshopper and the other way around. As this is a native McNeel development tool, it is going to be a gamechanger when it comes to having the ability to use parametric modeling techniques in Grasshopper and have all of that work seamlessly in a bim tool such as Revit. How to Rhino Facebook Group

Placing Adaptive Components with Grasshopper

This video is a quick introduction to using Revit Adaptive Components. Use Grasshopper and the PanelingTools Plugin to create flexible points that can be used to place native Revit Adaptive components. (8'21“). For more detailed information, go to the Adaptive Component with Grasshopper guide

Solar analysis with Rhino.Inside.Revit

One of the most frequent requests I receive is about running solar access analysis within Revit. Despite the fact that it is still quicker and more accurate to export to Grasshopper, run the analysis and push the results back, many still prefer to stay within Revit. So I decided to do a quick proof-of-concept and I'm proud to announce that it works perfectly using Rhino.Inside.Revit. Paul Wintour Parametric & BIM specialist, founder of Parametric Monkey
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