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I cannot find my license key for Rhino

The Rhino license key is very important to establishing ownership of Rhino. License keys are the valuable part of the Rhino license. Keep them in a secure place.

If you cannot locate your license key, please keep looking.

If you owned Rhino Version 1, 2 or 3, the CD was shipped in a pocket in the back of the User's Guide book, so make sure you check your bookcase. The User's Guide was about 1“ (2.5 cm) thick with a glossy black cover, prominent Rhino logo on the front. Rhino Version 4 was shipped in a DVD case, with a black label.

If you are unable to locate your copy of Rhino, we may be able to help find your license key code, if you registered your product. If you bypassed registration, we will not have any record. Product serial numbers were never traced upon shipment, so your order number will not help us.

Please note there is no CD replacement available for Rhino Versions 1 or 2, due to contractual obligations for core programming that we licensed from a third party at that time.

If you have exhausted your search for the physical product, there are replacement options for the full commercial version. Call for details the closest regional office for details:

Region Phone
North America+1 (206) 545-7000
Europe+34 93 319 9002
Middle East+34 93 319 9002
Africa+34 93 319 9002
Latin America+1 (305) 513-4445
China (Northern)+86-021-56496412
China (Southern)+86-755-29642189
Hong Kong8199-0656
South Asia+6 03 2169 6345
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