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macOS says "The following disk images couldn't be opened." What do I do now?

Summary: After downloading Rhino for Mac the download reports the disk image could not be opened.

The Rhino for Mac download has been corrupted during the download.

  1. Go to download and request another download link.

If the second downloaded file of the .dmg is not working, please go through this validation process:

  1. Start the Disk Utility program /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility
  2. From the menu, select Images > Verify… An Open File dialog box appears.
  3. Select the .dmg file that you downloaded. It is usually in your Downloads folder and is named something like: rhino_6.20.19317.02202.dmg (the version number will vary)
  4. If your downloaded file is not valid, go to download and request another download link.
  5. If this happens again, you have an unreliable internet connection and should try downloading the file using a different internet connection. The download file is over 350 Mb.
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