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Rhino 5: Error 0xc000007b


Rhino 5 64-bit cannot run because of Error 0xc000007b.


Windows calls a 32-bit DLL under C:\Windows\System32 when Rhino 5 64-bit runs.

32-bit DLLs should not exist in the System32 folder on 64-bit Windows systems. It may be mistakenly installed by a 32-bit program's installer.


  1. Download Dependency Walker for x64 from
  2. Extract the files in the zip file you've downloaded to a folder.
  3. Run depends.exe.
  4. Open Rhino 5 64-bit's shortcut icon on your desktop.
    C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System\Rhino.exe is opened.
  5. Click the header of the CPU column to sort the DLLs with their CPU type.
  6. Find the x86 DLLs.
    Note: msvcr100.dll and vcomp100.dll have been reported to cause Error 0xc000007b. It may happen with a different DLL on your computer.
  7. Press F9 or select Full Paths from the View menu.
  8. Find the paths of the x86 DLLs.
  9. Delete the x86 DLLs under C:\Windows\System32.
    There's most likely only one x86 DLL found under C:\Windows\System32. Don't delete the x86 DLLs outside of C:\Windows\System32.
  10. Run Rhino 5 64-bit.

Need assistance?

You can save a *.dwi file from Dependency Walker and send it to McNeel Support Team ( with a comment “Error 0xc000007b to Kelvin Cheng”.

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