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Rhino 5: Error _mcneel._zoo5

Rhino 5 cannot run and shows an error message about “_mcneel._zoo5”.
This problem happens when Rhino 5 runs for the first time after it's been installed.

An unknown Windows problem has damaged the Rhino license file on your computer.


  1. Use the instructions in this support page to delete the Rhino license file:
  2. Start Rhino 5. You will get a message about a missing license file.
  3. Use one of the options below:
    a) If you have a Rhino 5 key code for computer, click Enter a License and enter your license key.
    b) If you use a Zoo floating license server, select Use a Zoo and set the Zoo server name/IP.
    c) If you don't have a Rhino 5 key, click Evaluate.
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