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Uncompressing a Downloaded Rhino 5 EXE and Manually Installing

  1. Download and install the 7-Zip application onto your system.
  2. Right-click on Rhino 5 installer file.
  3. From the menu, select 7-Zip and Expand.
  4. Select file location to expand contents to and remember it.
  5. Browse to this folder and look for the Installers subfolder.
  6. For 64-bit systems only: Double-click rhino5setup_en-us_x64.msi and complete the installation.
  7. For all systems:
    1. Double-click rhino5setup_en-us_x86.msi and complete the installation.
    2. Double-click LanguagePack_en-us.msi (and any other languages you wish to install).
    3. Double-click HelpMedia.msi.
  8. If you experience errors during installation:
    1. Write down any error numbers and messages you see.
    2. Email the step you are on in this article and any errors to
  9. Restart Windows if prompted.
  10. Start Rhino 5.
  11. In the Rhino 5 command line, type ToolbarReset then press Enter.
  12. Close Rhino 5.
  13. Start Rhino 5.
  14. Installation is complete!

The same process for V4 is described here.

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