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Rhino Level 2 Specialists - North American Region

The Rhino Level 2 Specialists listed below have given their permission to be published. If you are looking to verify a certification that is not listed on this page, please email Mary Ann Fugier, McNeel Tech Support and Training.

See the Rhino Level 1 Specialists here.

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Name Date Web Site
Misagh Abdoliseisan April 17, 2022Misagh Abdoliseisan on LinkedIn
Roberta Aiello October 16, 2017Hopera Lab
Nathan Aldredge June 07, 2016Nathan Aldredge
David Bachman May 24, 2017 David Bachman Design
Ruben Borup May 06, 2017 Web Site
Jeff M Brewer May 19, 2016Cool Rockets
Lodovico Bruno November 16, 2019 Web Site
Alessandro Buffi January 25, 2019 Web Site
Stephanie Buglione November 16, 2020Stephanie Buglione on LinkedIn
Dennis Butler April 28, 2018Linkedin
Paulo Roberto Dutra Carvalho March 28, 2021Web Site
Maurice Cicmanec December 04, 2021 Web Site
Antonino Ciuro January 4, 2019 Web Site
Ana Sofia Fortunat Coppel August 14, 2018 Web Site
Scott Corey September 11, 2019 Rue Chartreux
Joana Cunha, ART January 29, 2019 CAD for Jewellery
Siemen Cuypers November 18, 2018 Web Site
Scott Dietz August 12, 2019 Web Site
Shawn Douglas September 29, 2020 Web Site
Blake Drousche July 28,2021Web Site
Lawrence Dubowitz February 14, 2019 CAD Genie
Brian Durham December 18, 2018Linkedin
Jesse Oscar Dymond March 21, 2018LinkedIn
Eric Eelman July 12, 2017 MacroCad
Aviva Fort, ART February 28, 2016Skazm Design
Ree L Gallagher March 13, 2020
Petrus Gartler January 11, 2019 Web Site
Daniel Giuffre February 21, 2020Intensive Fields Lab
William Gray November 17, 2019Will Gray on LinkedIn
Philip Hathaway June 09, 2020Web Site
Ali Mahmoud Ali Hamdan April 23, 2019 Web Site
Robert Hapy January 20, 2022Robert Hapy on LinkedIn
Brittney Holmes August 19, 2021Web Site
Anca Horvath January 18, 2019 Web Site
Jonathan David Hutchinson December 18, 2017Web Site
Eduardo M Insua February 08, 2019 Eminsua Site
Chenglin Jin September 24, 2020 Web Site
Don Kalant, Jr. November 25, 2020Don Kalant, Jr. on LinkedIn
John Kellerman February 24, 2021Web Site
Yeong Rae Kim May 20, 2020Yeong Rae Kim on LinkedIn
Hrvoje Končar December 3, 2021 Web Site
Vassilis Kordonias November 14, 2018Infotech Site
Matthew Landini October 4, 2021 Matthew Landini on LinkdIn
Andrew L Lane September 12, 2020 Web Site
Aleksander Andrzej Łapiński December 11, 2021 Web Site
Sokratis Legkikas March 30, 2019 CAD Academy, Greece
Cheung Shiu Lun July 15, 2020Cheung Shiu Lun on LinkedIn
Mike Magee March 02, 2020Web Site
John Mastoloni April 08, 2020Web Site
Logan McAllister December 20, 2019Web Site
Christopher Mendola September 20, 2021 Web Site
Yasaman Mehralian July 19, 2019 Web Site
Ze Meng July 28,2021Web Site
Sébastien Mennetret March 07, 2019 Web Site
Mohammad Mohsen Mohammadvali October 27, 2016Apranik Site
John George Morris, IDSA July 28, 2020 Web Site
Nicholas Neubrand August 22, 2019Nicholas Neubrand
Nathan Neufeld September 14, 2021 Web Site
Kimberly Nofal May 17, 2017 Web Site
Darren Ockert November 2, 2020Web Site
Ryan M. Odom, ART March 13, 2020Ryan Odom on LinkedIn
Tay Othman May 07, 2020Web Site
Adam Penner August 21,2021Web Site
Shaun Peterson March 04, 2020Web Site
Simone Porro June 19, 2020Web Site
Ganna Radzevych February 27, 2020Web Site
Badih Rameh September 11, 2020 Web Site
Amanda Borges Rodrigues February 23, 2020Web Site
Andrea Rovetta September 23, 2020 Web Site
Mariana Lissa Saruhashi March 27, 2021SELVAGEN
Henning Seide October 20, 2018
Audey Shen April 16, 2020Web Site
Hapseng Siv March 18, 2021Web Site
Patrick Slater March 15, 2017Parick Slater
Sanjay Somanath July 08, 2020Sanjay Somanath on LinkedIn
Stephen Speaker January 28, 2018 Steve Speaker on LinkedIn
Michał Święciak February 06, 2021Web Site
Kathryn Thibault May 14, 2020Web Site
Porus Vakshoor July 12, 2021Porus Vakshoor on LinkedIn
Ekaterina Velichko August 23,2021Web Site
Spendi Veliu August 27, 2016RP Jewelry
Ashley Warsaw-Fiorvanti November 10, 2021 Web Site
Alex Xu July 24, 2020 Web Site
Haoxiang Yang July 25, 2020 Web Site
Ali Eslam Zadeh April 30, 2018Web Site
Mahmoud Alaa Eldien Ibrahim Zaki October 16, 2019Web Site
Wen Zhou June 29, 2020Web Site
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