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Rhino Certifications

Certified by McNeel North American Region

For verification of a Certified Rhino Specialist, please email Mary Ann Fugier, Director of Training, McNeel Corporate Office, Seattle WA.

Congratulations to our Rhino Certified Specialists! The following Rhino users have exhibited proficiency with the Rhinoceros 3D software in an online, computer scored, timed test.

Are you interested in Rhino Certifications? See Rhino Certifications and Exams.

Certifications are a way to test knowledge and competency in Rhinoceros software and in 3D visualization. Typically, proficiency with these Rhino skills allow Rhino users to excel and develop more advanced skills, build a greater understanding of advanced concepts, and continue advancing in their knowledge of 3D visualization.

Note: Additional proof of competency may be required to verify Rhino knowledge for your specific needs. This is not a guarantee (implied or other) of performance or aptitude, but simply a gauge to measure the user's acquired knowledge of the Rhinoceros software.

Please email Mary Ann Fugier with any questions.

Rhinoceros for Windows - Rhino Level 2 Specialists

Name Date Web site
Roberta Aiello October 16, 2017Hopera Lab
Nathan Aldredge June 07, 2016Nathan Aldredge
David Bachman May 24, 2017 David Bachman Design
Ruben Borup May 06, 2017 Web Site
Jeff M Brewer May 19, 2016Cool Rockets
Lodovico Bruno November 16, 2019 Web Site
Alessandro Buffi January 25, 2019 Web Site
Dennis Butler April 28, 2018Linkedin
Antonino Ciuro January 4, 2019 Web Site
Ana Sofia Fortunat Coppel August 14, 2018 Web Site
Scott Corey September 11, 2019 Rue Chartreux
Joana Cunha, ART January 29, 2019 CAD for Jewellery
Siemen Cuypers November 18, 2018 Web Site
Scott Dietz August 12, 2019 Web Site
Lawrence Dubowitz February 14, 2019 CAD Genie
Brian Durham December 18, 2018Linkedin
Jesse Oscar Dymond March 21, 2018LinkedIn
Eric Eelman July 12, 2017 MacroCad
Aviva Fort, ART February 28, 2016Skazm Design
Petrus Gartler January 11, 2019 Web Site
William Gray November 17, 2019Will Gray on LinkedIn
Ali Mahmoud Ali Hamdan April 23, 2019 Web Site
Anca Horvath January 18, 2019 Web Site
Jonathan David Hutchinson December 18, 2017Web Site
Eduardo M Insua February 08, 2019 Eminsua Site
Vassilis Kordonias November 14, 2018Infotech Site
Sokratis Legkikas March 30, 2019 CAD Academy, Greece
Logan McAllister December 20, 2019Web Site
Yasaman Mehralian July 19, 2019 Web Site
Sébastien Mennetret March 07, 2019 Web Site
Mohammad Mohsen Mohammadvali October 27, 2016Apranik Site
Nicholas Neubrand August 22, 2019Nicholas Neubrand
Kimberly Nofal May 17, 2017 Web Site
Henning Seide Ocober 20, 2018
Patrick Slater March 15, 2017Parick Slater
Stephen Speaker January 28, 2018 Steve Speaker on LinkedIn
Spendi Veliu August 27, 2016RP Jewelry
Ali Eslam Zadeh April 30, 2018Web Site
Mahmoud Alaa Eldien Ibrahim Zaki October 16, 2019Web Site

Rhinoceros for Windows - Rhino Level 1 Specialists

Name Date Web site
Roberta Aiello April 26, 2017Hopera Lab
Nathan Aldredge May 25, 2015Nathan Aldredge
Francesco Algostino May 11, 2016Web Site
Kyle V. Anniko November 21, 2019 Web Site
Hernan Aparicio June 08, 2018 Web Site
Asim Ali July 3, 2017Web Site
Ivo Andreev May 03, 2015Web Site
Lisa Ayres November 02, 2018Web Site
David Bachman May 16, 2017 David Bachman Design
James Grayson Baggiolini Ocober 26, 2018Web Site
Ryan Bahr September 23, 2019Solid Light, Inc.
Thomas Balaguer April 05, 2017Thomas Balaguer
Rodrigo Barcena May 15, 2015Web Site
Ruben Borup March 18, 2017Ruben Borup on LinkedIn
Dennis Butler February 10, 2018Web Site
Mike Centola May 16, 2015Web Site
Emily Chapman September 11, 2015Reset Styles
Antonino Ciuro January 4, 2019 Web Site
Megan Cochran December 06, 2019 Web Site
Scott Dietz Ocober 22, 2018
Santosh Dharmapuram May 12, 2015Web Site
Mustafa Dülger February 17, 2016Web Site
Brian Durham December 11, 2018 Linkedin
Jesse Oscar Dymond September 18, 2017 Web Site
Eric Eelman July 12, 2017 MacroCad
Travis M Fowler June 29, 2016Web Site
Ree L Gallagher November 15, 2019 Ree Gallagher Jewelry
Adam Davis Gill November 12, 2019 Web Site
Daniele Giuffre July 04, 2018Intensive Fields Lab
William Gray April 29, 2017Will Gray on LinkedIn
Joseph Gregory October 04, 2019 Web Site
Jay Jennifer Han May 21, 2018 Jay Han Web Site
Ali Mahmoud Ali Hamdan April 22, 2019Web Site
Robert Hapy October 23, 2019Robert Hapy on LinkedIn
Harry Hartzog May 16, 2015Web Site
Nicholas Henning May 11, 2016Web Site
Mitch Heynick January 14, 2017Web Site
Dan Jessel March 01, 2018Web Site
Jordan Judd April 21, 2015Web Site
Jana Kelly February 02, 2019Web Site
Yeong Rae Kim August 31, 2018Kimsgroup
Thys Kotze March 07, 2019Pekka Parametric
Omar Lasheen January 21, 2017Web Site
Chun-Hsueh Lin April 05, 2017Web Site
Mallory Lundquist November 02, 2018 Web Site
Luiz Maia February 17, 2017Web Site
Joy Masters October 22, 2015Web Site
Logan McAllister December 20, 2019Web Site
Yasaman Mehralian Ocober 26, 2018Web Site
Kevin Meindl November 29, 2015Kevin Meindl
Ryan Moffat March 15, 2019Web Site
Mohammad Mohsen Mohammadvali October 26, 2016Apranik
Gene Munger June 12, 2018Web Site
Kimberly Nofal March 21, 2017Web Site
Natalya Oleshkevich June 24, 2017Web Site
Sef Pinney May 11, 2016Web Site
Edmond Kwok Pui Poon November 24, 2018 Web Site
Esteban Núñez Queiruga Novermber 3, 2015Web Site
Brittli Reidelberger November 02, 2018 Web Site
David Ricks January 20, 2016Web Site
Joseph Rocker May 30, 2017Web Site
Luca Illia Ruggiero July 16, 2019 Web Site
Martin Smith December 18, 2017Web Site
Steve Speaker October 21, 2017Steve Speaker on LinkedIn
Vanessa Steeg May 15, 2015Web Site
Ian Sweeney May 19, 2015Web Site
Peter R Thompson August 12, 2019 Peter Thompson
Frank Tran November 27, 2019 Web Site
Steven Huy Tran November 15, 2019 Web Site
John Vaccaro August 22, 2019 Web Site
Connor Walker November 5, 2017Web Site
Ali Eslam Zadeh December 4, 2017Web Site
Christian Zehetner September 05, 2019Christian Zehetner on LinkedIn

Rhinoceros 4 for Windows - Level 1


Name Date Web Site
Davide Gaudieri May 23, 2011
Alain Cormier September 27, 2011
Phil Cully September 27, 2011
Kanehiko Saito September 27, 2011
Elisa Bentivoglio September 28, 2011
Nicolò De Vita October 11, 2011
Steve Bissey August 6, 2014
Kevin Chandler August 6, 2014
Evan Hart August 6, 2014
Ben Scarborough August 6, 2014
Brian Durham December 19, 2017
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