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Rhino Certifications

Certified by McNeel North American Region

For verification of a Certified Rhino Specialist, please email Mary Ann Fugier, Director of Training, McNeel Corporate Office, Seattle WA.

Congratulations to our Rhino Certified Specialists! The following Rhino users have exhibited proficiency with the Rhinoceros 3D software in an online, computer scored, timed test.

Are you interested in Rhino Certifications? See Rhino Certifications and Exams.

Certifications are a way to test knowledge and competency in Rhinoceros software and in 3D visualization. Typically, proficiency with these Rhino skills allow Rhino users to excel and develop more advanced skills, build a greater understanding of advanced concepts, and continue advancing in their knowledge of 3D visualization.

Note: Additional proof of competency may be required to verify Rhino knowledge for your specific needs. This is not a guarantee (implied or other) of performance or aptitude, but simply a gauge to measure the user's acquired knowledge of the Rhinoceros software.

Please email Mary Ann Fugier with any questions.

Official Listing of Rhino Certified Specialists

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