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Rhino Certifications and Exams

Are you looking to become a Certified Rhino Specialist? We offer certifications for experts and educators.

This certification is for North America and all regions.

  • For EMEA - Europe, Middle East, and Africa, go here.
  • For Latin America region, go here.

Certifications are a way to test knowledge and competency in Rhino software and 3D visualization. Typically, proficiency with these Rhino skills allows Rhino users to excel and develop more advanced skills, build a greater understanding of advanced concepts, and continue advancing their knowledge of 3D visualization.

The Certified User exams are online, computer-scored, randomized, limited time, open note, self-tests. Why certify?

  • Rhino Certification is helpful to many employers. The test certifies your Rhino proficiency.
  • The test is immediately scored and your certificate is emailed immediately after passing the test.
  • You may also log into your testing portal to review your score and download your PDF certificate any time.
  • Add the certificate to your resume or work portfolio, to show that you have Rhino expertise.
  • Certified users are recognized for their Rhino expertise.

Certified Rhino Specialists

For verification of Certified Rhino Specialists status, please email Mary Ann Fugier.

Certification Exams

Certification exams measure knowledge and competency with Rhino software. The exams are offered in a professional setting administered by a company's representative or in a non-proctored environment for self-evaluation.

Certify to validate your Rhino skills today!

Academic Certifications

See Academic Testing Details.

Rhino Certified Level 1 and Level 2 Academic Exams are available to current students at state-accredited schools (K12, college, university) and are administered by an Academic Rhino Proctor. If you're an educator at a state-accredited school and would like to offer tests to your students, please see our Academic Rhino Proctor site.

Note to Academic Rhino Proctors: The Rhinoceros Academic Certification Exams are offered in sections to accommodate one-hour testing blocks.

Authorized Rhino Training Center-Testing Bundles

North American Region only.

See details here.

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