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Rhino Slow Network Save

We occasionally get reports that saving a Rhino file saving to a network disk is much slower than saving to the computer Rhino is running on. We have been unable to reproduce this problem using our own networks and using various cloud storage services.

This information might help your IT department tune your server settings.

If none of this helps, please use Discourse or contact technical support and include this information:

  1. The information from Rhino main menu > Help > System information.
  2. Local computer virus checking software.
  3. Network server OS.
  4. Network server file system information.
  5. Network server virus checking software.
  6. Any special network settings you are using (encryption, compression, time outs, …)
  7. Find a Rhino 3dm file that saves fast locally and saves slowly to a network disk. Determine the size of that file and create a Rhino file of the same size containing only lines (use array to make thousands of lines from one). See if the lines file also saves slowly. (Saving the lines file sends thousands of small chunks to the server with very few seek operations. Knowing the results of the lines test helps us to either focus on or rule out network seek speed.)
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