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VirtualBox Experience

This page is to record the experiences and configuration of people running VirtualBox on various configurations.

Please add a section if you have another host:guest setup.

Host:XP - Guest:XP

Inside XP on a host of XP, Rhino runs at almost the same speed as native as you can see from the first two lines of the table below. I've tested it with models up to 50mb. Feel free to add your own holomark results or configuration insights.

HoloMark v1.2 Results

Rhino V Score GPU1 GPU2 CPU1 CPU2 Virtual? OS CPU RAM Video Card
v4 3678 89.88 9.48 20.58 17.16 No WinXP Pro SP3 QuadCore Q6700 @ 2.66GHz 3GB FireGL V7700 (
v4 2461 36.01 116.42 22.29 28.39 Yes WinXP Pro SP3 QuadCore Q6700 @ 2.66GHz 1GB FireGL V7700 (
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