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Support for Discontinued 3Dconnexion Devices


The support for 3Dconnexion devices in Rhino is developed by 3Dconnexion, not McNeel. The 3dxRhino plug-in, which controls 3Dconnexion devices, is distributed with Rhino on their behalf.

For a list of discontinued 3Dconnexion devices, see the following:

3Dconnexion discontinued devices

A statement from 3Dconnexion:

I think you should know 3Dconnexion’s approach when a device becomes obsolete: we stop testing. That’s it. We don’t remove (or add) code to our software that in any way will specifically block a device type just because software support has ended.

What we do is provide customers with a notice with a clear date until software support is available. This notice is issued years in advance as you can see in the web page you linked to: the page is updated when a device enters “end-of-life”.

Please contact 3Dconnexion Technical Support with any additional questions or comments you may have.

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