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Please Improve This Wiki (WikiHelp)

Summary: Wiki is about people participating in what's written. This web site is intended for you to read and (maybe) change it.

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a web site that allows easy public online editing of web-based content. This particular wiki is based on the FlexWiki engine. Anyone can edit any of the wiki pages. If you're new to Wiki, here are some good spots on the flexwiki site to look for getting started:


We welcome responsible participation: please don't just start editing away and damage what other people have written. If you do make a mistake, it's pretty safe because we keep a copy of every version of a page and it's easy to revert to an earlier version.

Try this yourself - the best page to play around is in the SandBox. It is considered impolite to edit other pages with “testing” or “blah blah” type comments.


Edit a page: Click on the edit link at the top of each wiki page to edit the contents (you can also double click on a page to do this. A good way to learn wiki syntax is to edit an existing page and see how stuff is written, then cancel the edit.

Create a new page: There are two common ways to create a new wiki page

  1. When you edit a page and type in something in PascalCase a link will automatically be created in the page to a new topic. If you click on the link, a new wiki page will be created that you can add content to. Example: Here is a new SandBox3 page for learning to wiki.
  2. Click on the wiki topic at the very top of the page (the Please Improve This Wiki link on this page). This should bring up a edit box that you can add a new wiki topic.

Avoid using spaces in wiki topic names: This wiki does allow spaces in the wiki topic name, but that feature may go away in the future. Spaces can give the wiki engine some grief at times. It is typically better to type “MyNewTopic” than “My New Topic”.

Don't abuse the Wiki: We are trying to keep this wiki as open as possible for people to share quality information with others about McNeel related products. Please refrain from destroying content or messing it up. Thanks

Questions: If you made a mistake or want something changed that you can't do yourself, feel free to send me an email. – Steve Baer
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