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PanelingTools Tutorials

Summary: Video tutorials for PanelingTools Plug-in for Rhino.


A 13 part webinar series introducing Paneltools from the basics to full practical examples that will help you put it all together.


Digital Sketching with PanelingTools for Rhino and Grasshopper

Rajaa Issa, chief architect of Rhinoceros' Paneling Tool plug-in shows how to use PanelingTools to develop pattern concepts. She also demonstrates the basics of using PanelingTools for parametric modeling with Grasshopper.

This is the full presentation given by Rajaa Issa during the D-O-F (Design+Optimization+Fabrication) workshop at the University of Florida on February 11, 2011.

The presentation is broken into 3 parts. The first shows surface rationalization and unrolling. The second explores cladding and the third shows a weaving example. You can also download example files used in the Presentation (3DM Files, 24MB).

Four tutorials from Rhino tech tips by Brian James.

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Mac tutorial to populate patterns. View details
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