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Is the Bongo 1.0 toolbar always showing up in the middle of the screen when you start up Rhino?

We’re currently working on fixing the problem. The problem is caused by the fact that in Windows XP, which Bongo 1.0 was developed on, users where allowed to save to some folders that now in Windows Vista and Windows 7 are write protected even though you have administrative rights. Here is what you can do manually to make the toolbar stay in place:

1. Go to: C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Bongo\1.0

2. Copy the file called: Bongo10.v40.tb

3. Create a folder called Bongo Toolbar in a place on your harddrive that you are allowed to save to, like for example your User-folder.

4. Paste the Bongo10.v40.tb-file in to that folder.

5. Rename or delete the old file in C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Bongo\1.0

6. Open up Rhino and drag the file Bongo10.v40.tb-file from your Bongo Toolbar-folder on to Rhino.

7. Now the toolbar should stay in place.

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