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How do I use the new RPC feature in Bongo 2.0?

You can now animate RPCs with Bongo 2 WIP and Rhino 5 WIP.

Note – Renderers supporting the technology at the moment:

  • Brazil for Rhino
  • RhinoRender

To add the Bongo animation data to the RPC you need to type in the following command: RpcSetAnimationFrame

How exactly do I do this?
  • Download and install the required files mentioned above.
  • Use the command RPC to insert the file
  • Place the RPC in the start location.
  • Use the command RPCsetanimationframe to set the frame at the start of the walk.
  • Use the Animate button on the Timeline, select RPC and move the RPC to the end of the walk position.
  • Use the command “RPCsetanimationframe” to set the last walking keyframe.
  • Under the Properties section of Rhino there is a tab for RPC, in this tab you can set the height and cast shadows.
  • Render using Rhino Render or Brazil.
  • Use the BongoRenderAnimation command to make the video.

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